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Q1. Is there any support material for the Chem scholarships paper. I could not find anything on the NZQA site.

A. The info is actually on the Minedu site although there is a link from NZQA.

The scholarship standard and sample paper and assessment schedule can be downloaded as

Recommendations for changes to the scholarship performance standard for 2007 can be accessed here (Word 70.5kb)

Q2. Do you know of resources I can use to prepare students for scholarship chemistry, ie) information, texts, and of course exams.

A. We have an extra tutorial every three weeks for aspiring schol students. They get regular supplementary scholarship assignments which are largely collations of previous NZEST questions plus some from the old schol papers plus various other sources – mainly English A level texts.

These are self marked using model answers provided and then any issues arising are discussed at the tutorials. We also give them an extensive set of thinking skills tasks (with solutions) taken from the Thinking Skills Resource marketed by McTogi on behalf of Bob Bucat from Univ of Western Australia (he is a keynote speaker at this years ChemEd).

Finally all scholarship students are issued with a supplementary text for background reading (in addition to their normal classroom text).

We chose Advanced Chemistry by M Clugstone & R Fleming which is an Oxford text ISBN 0199146330

Q3. We were wondering here if you are teaching the scholarship candidates radioactivity in the light of its removal from Level 3 Achievement standards. It's still in the curriculum so could possibly be asked in the scholarship exam? 

A. The assessment specs for Schol this year state that it will be based on all of the Level 2 and Level 3 Ach Stds – not the curriculum. Therefore radioactivity cannot be included. Of course you can still teach it if you wish (and have time!)

Note also that the assessment specs for 3.5 (90698) Organic Chemistry state that 'Knowledge of principles of organic chemistry covered in Chem 2.5 will be assumed.'

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