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Royal Society of Chemistry Resource Pack

The RSC sends this amazing resource pack six times a year. The resource pack includes magazines, DVDs, reference books, practical chemistry guides and other stimulating chemistry resources. Go to their website for further information and to download a brochure to order the resource using your credit card.

BestChoice, a Model for Interactive Web-Based Teaching

BestChoice is an open-access interactive web site developed to support learning in Chemistry. Student responses on BestChoice question pages generate instant assessment and feedback. BestChoice is innovative in its emphasis on concepts and problem-solving strategies by guiding students in ways that promote understanding.

BestChoice is under active development with content being entered by Dr Sheila Woodgate, Chemistry Department, The University of Auckland

New Zealand Chemistry Olympiad Organisation

New Zealand Chemistry Olympiad Organisation - Each year a group of about 20 secondary school students is selected to form a training group. The selection is based upon performance in a selection test held at the end of October, or the beginning of November. The selection test assumes knowledge of only Year 12 (Form 6) Chemistry.

Chemical Processes in New Zealand

This second edition (1998) of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry publication Chemical Processes in New Zealand is now out of print. It is still the most comprehensive account of the practice of chemistry in New Zealand. The book contains 17 sections with self-explanatory headings, and various numbers of articles (101 in all) under each heading.

Chemistry in New Zealand

This is the official professional journal of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry. You can now access articles online.

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